About the Company

About our company and founder

The concept of the Dermalyana product range has been under development for many years. Since owning a beauty salon in Vietnam our founder, Lien, relocated to Australia to begin a journey of education and observation. She has been an entrepreneur since 9 years old. Growing up, she has always held a strong passion for delivering confidence through beauty, in particular healthier skin, but wanted to take the time to ensure her products are designed with the most effective, but kind ingredients under high Australian and international standards of manufacturing facilities . As a qualified skin therapist and skin consultation and a current member of Australian Society of Dermal Clinicians, Lien has a deep understanding of skin architecture and therapy; the Dermalyana products represent the culmination of this research. 

Good causes

By purchasing Dermalyana products, you can contribute to helping less fortunate people in Vietnam via our "Mai Thi Lien Educational Support Fund"

Recent examples include delivering more than 2 tonnes bags of rice to the most needy people in Nui Thanh district, and helping many less fortunate people to continue their studies.  Lien was recognised for this work by the local Red Cross association. 


We are here to enhance your confidence and help transform the lives of less fortunate around us.  


In five years, Dermalyana will be the most desirable product range around the world. 



1. Integrity

We value our integrity from every angle of our business. We aim to build relationship with our customers based on our integrity. 


2. Honesty

We are transparent about our product ingredients and other information.


3. Care

Our focus is customer satisfaction. We offer the hot-line service for enhanced access to our support resources.


4. Efficiency

We make a commitment to offer highest quality products while maintain lowest possible costs, and keep consumption of resources at the lowest level.


5. Generosity

Running a business for a purpose! We are committed to use 2% of our profits to support the less-fortunate people, especially the orphans and those in the remote areas in VietNam. We help others in need to overcome their financial difficulty to finish their education. 


6. Innovation

We continue to adapt to new technology and trends in our business for the benefit of others in society.